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Hyperhidrosis treatment Surgery by my Botox la

Excessive sweating is a condition called Hyperhidrosis caused by several reasons. It's a very painful and embracing problem and everyone avoids those people having this issue. They face low confident and could not stay in public for a long period due to this problem. Reason of Hyperhidrosis might be:


Hormonal changes

Blood Pressure


Heart Problem



Excessive use of Caffeine

Use of Medication

Excessive sweating can affect the entire body or some a specific part of the body like armpit, hands, face or feet. Intense emotional stress and anxiety can also be a reason for Hyperhidrosis. For that entire a candidate who is facing this issue, I am writing Good news now you don't have to follow a long procedure to get rid of this problem

Get Hyperhidrosis treatment by My Botox LA for the best services. Botox treatment is very effective for all patients suffering excessive sweating of underarms, palms of hands and soles of feet. Injections of Botulinum are very safe and effective approved By FDA for the treatment of excessive sweating so you should not need to think about their side effects and any other thing.

It's a non- surgical treatment that will block those chemicals that are responsible to activate the body's sweat glands .you can get this treatment in your head, under breast and face, if you are facing excessive sweating in those specific areas.

Botulinum a toxin is a protein that would be injected in affected areas and it will block hormones and you will get rid of excessive for a longer period. After the passage of one-year patient should have to take several repeated session which will show long-lasting results

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